A Total Solar Eclipse is Coming August 21, 2017!

This importantastronomical event will be the biggest science event since the moon landing of 1969. This spectacular phenomenon is called the most awe inspiring event in the natural world.

• This event is certain to occur!
• It will happen over YOUR HOME OR PLACE OF BUSINESS
on Monday during work / school hours.
• This event will dominate news on a national scale.
• Millions of people will be scambling for resources last minute.
• Get a Plan and be ready for safe observing!

Observing an eclipse is a beautiful, emotional, educational, even spiritual experience.

Looking at the sun for prolonged periods of time (As is likely during this phenomenon) without proper eye protection can cause damage to the eye.  There are many ways to observe an eclipse safely with proper planning and protection.

Please download our 2017 Eclipse Prep Sheet for Teachers.

Safe suppliers of solar filters include the following: 






  • 100% of the continental United States will experience either a partial or total solar eclipse.
  • The US population is estimated to be 320 Million people before considering visitors.


  • There are over 98,000 public and 33,000 private primary schools in the US.
  • There are 7,000 secondary schools in the us.
  • The population of minor children under 18 years of age is estimated at 75 Million.